Baby’s First (Chick-fil-A) Birthday Party

I always told myself I would have a low key party for my baby’s first birthday.  Just have a small party in our house or backyard.  But then SG was born in late November- too late for an outdoor party.  Confession time:  The more I thought about ten kids and twenty something adults in my house, the more anxious I became!  I’m not the personality type to relax and have fun while kids “destroy” my house (aka play and have fun!).  I’m a little uptight, you might say.

We didn’t know what to do for SG’s first birthday.  We looked into having a birthday party at the Chick-fil-A on 53rd street and decided it sounded like the perfect solution for us.  It was!  It was so incredibly easy for us.  I worked with Vanessa at Chick-fil-A and she took care of all the details- even the decorating!!!  All I had to do was pick the date, time, and pay a deposit.  Talk about stress free!  The party planning was a breeze.

Chick-fil-A even matched the décor to our party theme of brown and pink and polka dots.    The party space looked beautiful, complete with matching tablecloths, balloons, streamers, plates, party favors and napkins.  The best part was the staff at Chick-fil-A set it all up!  We just showed up and hung up a banner I had made for her party.

Some people choose the birthday theme based on what baby loves…I based it on the cutest freebies I could get from!  Every so often I get an e-mail from for free items, so I ordered tons of matching brown, pink, and polka dot stuff for the party for FREE!!  I ordered a vinyl birthday banner, two sets of thank you cards, matching personalized stickers, and matching magnets with a personalized poem for a favor.  If you’re looking for good deals, consider joining and wait for the free e-mail offers.  They only send the freebie offers a few times a year, but I put up with all of their e-mails because of the freebies and it’s worth it to me to get free stuff.

I sent a photo of our theme to my girlfriend, who makes tutus.  I ordered a tutu and personalized appliquéd onesie for SG.  Tutu Cute matched her outfit to our theme and it turned out beautifully.  The onesie had an appliquéd number one that was brown with pink polka dots and SG’s name was monogrammed underneath the number one.  SG was all dressed up in her birthday tutu complete with pink tights and pink shoes.  She was tutu cute, if I do say so myself!

Another thing I decided to do was to order a cake instead of making one.  I shopped around for good deals and finally decided to go with the SuperTarget bakery.  The baker gave me a tasting, and did several combinations before I found the perfect flavor- chocolate cupcakes with chocolate frosting!  I chose pull apart cupcakes with icing that made it look like one cake in the shape of the number 1.  Brilliant!  I didn’t want to cut 30 pieces of cake (call me lazy!), so this was the perfect solution for me.  And it was very affordable!

The children had fun playing in the playground while the adults socialized.  It was fun and laid back.  I didn’t have to do much, which made me extremely happy.  We had a Chick-fil-A staffer who kept our drinks full, brought out the food and helped us throughout the party.

Chick-fil-A even provided each child with a goody bag, which also matched our birthday theme!  We didn’t even have to provide party favors, although we did.

These are the reasons why I loved having SG’s birthday party at Chick-fil-A:

  • I didn’t have to clean my house for the guests.
  • I didn’t have to cook or prepare snacks.
  • I didn’t have to spend money on decorations or even decorate- it was done for me!
  • The kids could run wild and have fun on the playground without stressing me out.
  • I enjoyed spending my time visiting with my guests rather than having to fill drinks and keep trays full of food.
  • Who doesn’t like being waited on?
  • The very best reason of all…NO CLEANING UP!!!!

If you’re looking for an easy, stress free way to celebrate a loved one’s birthday, I highly recommend the Chick-fil-A on 53rd Street.  It was worth every penny and then some!  We truly enjoyed celebrating our baby’s first birthday, thanks to Chick-fil-A.


{Note: I have not been paid by Chick-fil-A to write about their company.  I just love CFA so much I couldn’t resist blogging about them!}


6 thoughts on “Baby’s First (Chick-fil-A) Birthday Party

  1. Cute party! I didn’t know CFA did all that for a party there-awesome! We got there, um, often and just LOVE it. They really are the best, service, food, atmosphere, everything! I love the tips on vistaprint, I’ll have to check that out, thanks!

    • Vistaprint has had a couple deals on Groupon lately. You can find them on the Iowa City/Cedar Rapids Groupon (Grouponicus deals). Right now it’s a photo calendar for $10 and I know they had photo card bundles a week or two ago. The best deals, like Ellie said, are when you can order the freebies!

      • Oh thanks for sharing Marie! That sounds like a good deal. The first time I used I paid for my cards. Then I started getting the free e-mails and figured why pay when I can just wait for the freebies? 🙂

    • You’re welcome Laura. I love CFA, too. I’m in there several times a week!!! And they have the best sweet tea- that’s important to a southern belle like me! 😉

    • Tutu Cute relieved the stress, too, because I didn’t have to shop around for the perfect birthday outfit. I sent you a pic and you created it and shipped it! Thanks, Tracey!!!

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