Nursery Tour: Connor’s Room

Here at QCMB we are starting a new series called Nursery/Kids Room Tours. If you are interested in featuring yours please email us at

Now onto our very 1st room

Child’s Name: Connor Feehan Parent’s Name: Marie Feehan

Room Dimensions: 13×11

  1. What was your inspiration for this room?

-The first item I bought for my son’s nursery was the bedding and I decorated the room around that color scheme.  I wanted the room to have a boy’s color scheme and have a calm feel to the room.

    2.   What did you do first to the room? Where did you start?

-We actually moved into our house when I was 1 month from my due date!  I had already purchased the bedding (at Pottery Barn Kids on clearance!) and was thrilled to see that the colors of the bedroom were already very close to what I wanted.  The light blue and tan were already painted, with a border in the middle.  We had the border taken down and replaced with a painted navy stripe.

 3.  What is one thing you are most proud of in this room?

-I love the walls.  The colors came together just as I imagined and I love my son’s name on the wall.  My favorite pieces in the room are the three frames above the changing table.  The photo in the middle was taken when Connor was one week old and the other two frames hold his cap from the hospital and his first little pair of socks. 

  4.  What was one of the biggest challenges you faced while decorating?

-I didn’t really find many challenges while decorating.  Of course assembling the nursery furniture wasn’t exactly a fun part of the decorating process.  I’d say just getting the room done before Connor arrived was my biggest challenge.  We moved in a month before I was due, but f I had known my son would be two weeks late, I wouldn’t have rushed! 

 5.  Were you working with a budget when designing the room? If so, would you mind sharing what it was?

-I was definitely working on a budget.  We had just bought our house, so I was trying to keep the cost of the nursery to a minimum.  As I stated before, I found my son’s bedding on clearance at Pottery Barn Kids.  I loved the bedding when I first saw it that fall, but wasn’t ready to commit.  By the time I was ready to buy it, that exact bedding set was no longer listed online at PBK.  When I went to a PBK store to buy another set, I was shocked when I found the original bedding on clearance for a fraction of the original price – it was meant to be!  I was able to put the entire nursery together (furniture, bedding, wall paint and decal, frames, etc) for $1,000. 

Thanks Connor and Marie for partcipating!


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